Symptoms Of Acne Rosacea Facial


Do you notice sudden red flushes on your face? Take it seriously. This may be a symptom of rosacea acne. It comes to you all of a sudden when you are least expecting it! You must be dreading this situation every time you are in public.

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Rosacea acne is a skin disease causing severe discomfort. The most common symptoms of facial rosacea include red flushes on the patients skin. But it does not stay limited to the face only. It descends down the neck, to the chest and extends even to the hands.
The flush of the skin in the facial area is due to the gush of blood through the vessels. If the flush stays on for a long time, it appears that the patient has got sunburned. It itches terribly in the area. This is called rosacea rash.


The following are the symptoms of rosacea acne. If you are having these symptoms, it is highly likely that you are a victim: