How To Deal With Dental Problems With Home Remedies

How To Deal With Dental Problems With Home Remedies Dental problems do bother us, at one point of time or the other and that is the time you realise how painful a broken tooth or swollen gums can be! However, some of the dental problems like bad breath and yellow teeth may not be as painful; but these problems can be a cause of embarrassment Now, the good news is that dental problems can be dealt with effectively by resorting to some time-tested and reliable home remedies So, learn how you can deal with dental problems with some of the easiest home remedies Home remedies for top five dental problems Bad breath: Fight this cause of awkwardness and humiliation by chewing fennel seeds or parsley Boil six or eight fenugreek leaves in a tumbler or water Use this solution as your mouthwash, twice daily Gum infection: Rinse your mouth with warm saline water at least thrice a day, to ensure that plaque is not deposited Chew basil leaves the first thing in the morning to soothe your gums You may rub the affected area with a mixture of mustard oil and a pinch of salt.

[ms_panel title=”People also ask” title_color=”#000″ border_color=”#ddd” title_background_color=”#f5f5f5″ border_radius=”0″ class=”” id=””] [ms_accordion style=”simple” type=”1″ class=”” id=””] [ms_accordion_item title=”What’s good for halitosis?” color=”” background_color=”” close_icon=”” open_icon=”” status=”close”]If you wear dentures, remove them at night and clean to get rid of bacterial buildup from food and drink. Drink plenty of water and swish cool water around in your mouth. This is especially helpful to freshen “morning breath.” Brush after every meal and floss, preferably twice a day.[/ms_accordion_item] [ms_accordion_item title=”Is there a treatment for halitosis?” color=”” background_color=”” close_icon=”” open_icon=”” status=”close”]If your bad breath is due to a buildup of bacteria (plaque) on your teeth, your dentist may recommend a mouth rinse that kills the bacteria. Your dentist may also recommend a toothpaste that contains an antibacterial agent to kill the bacteria that cause plaque buildup. Treatment of dental disease.[/ms_accordion_item] [ms_accordion_item title=”Can you get rid of halitosis?” color=”” background_color=”” close_icon=”” open_icon=”” status=”close”]Regular oral hygiene, including interdental cleaning with floss, will help to prevent bad breath. Brush your tongue. The bacteria that cause bad breath are often found on the topside of your tongue. If you can see a white coating on your tongue, you should remove this debris with a tongue cleaner.[/ms_accordion_item] [ms_accordion_item title=”Does Listerine help with halitosis?” color=”” background_color=”” close_icon=”” open_icon=”” status=”close”]So a twice-daily routine of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash like LISTERINE® will prevent most forms of bad breath. Make sure to brush your tongue, too. Regular checkups with your dentist are another easy way to help prevent bad breath.[/ms_accordion_item] [ms_accordion_item title=”Why do some people’s breath smell like poop?” color=”” background_color=”” close_icon=”” open_icon=”” status=”close”]When bad breath is caused by oral problems, it usually smells like rotten eggs. This is caused by the breakdown of cysteine at the front of the tongue or on the gums. It’s a sign of poor oral hygiene. More rarely, dental bad breath can be a fecal odor like odor from the gums or the top of the tongue.[/ms_accordion_item] [ms_accordion_item title=”What helps chronic halitosis?” color=”” background_color=”” close_icon=”” open_icon=”” status=”close”]Bad breath can be reduced or prevented if you: [ms_list_item]Practice good oral hygiene. Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste to remove food debris and plaque.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]See your dentist regularly — at least twice a year.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]Stop smoking and chewing tobacco-based products.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]Drink lots of water.[/ms_list_item] [ms_list_item]Keep a log of the foods you eat.[/ms_list_item][/ms_accordion_item] [/ms_accordion] [/ms_panel]
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This remedy is going to take care of mild infection Bleeding gums: Make a paste of baking soda and water.

Apply the paste on your gums before brushing your teeth If possible, try adding a drop of tea tree oil in the toothpaste to help in preventing the occurrence of gum diseases Rinse your mouth with saline water twice daily Tooth ache: Apply clove oil to get instant relief because clove oil has anti-bacterial and anesthetic properties If you are suffering from cavity, put turmeric powder on a cotton ball and press it against the cavity Garlic too is known to relive tooth ache and you can press a garlic clove on the affected area Yellow teeth: Scrub your teeth with a paste of baking soda and water; do it once every week Rub your teeth with strawberry paste twice daily.

Do it for at least a month to see visible results Once in a while, clean your teeth with a mixture of mustard oil and holy basil leaves paste Soon, the ugly yellowish tinge would fade and you will be able to sport that happy smile with sparkling white teeth.

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