How To Get rid of Hemroids – Treat The Hemorrhoids Naturally

Of course, treat the hemorrhoids.

Do you no longer tolerate annoying, painful hemorrhoids? Find out what they are causing, how around them and some extraordinary natural ways to handle them.

Hemorrhoids are an annoying, painful problem.

Believe it or not, it is also very common problem.

The hemorrhoids include inflammation of the veins in your rectum.

One of the most common Symptoms are itching.

In some cases, bleeding may occur.

In this video, we'll show you some excellent natural ways to deal with hemorrhoids.

What you need to know about hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids are the result of pressure on your anus.

They can appear internally and externally.

The most common complication is bleeding during bowel movements.

The second most common is the creation of a painful blood clot.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids include: Painful bleeding from your rectum.

Beating and irritation.

Pain around your rectum when you sit.

Pain during bowel movements.

A sensitive, hard bump in your anus.

There are many causes for hemorrhoids.

some are: Constipation.

A diet that includes lots of flour.

Insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables.


Birth due to pressure pressure.

Excessive exertion during bowel movements.

Liver cirrhosis.

Many hours in a seated position.

Strong bowel movements.

How to Handle Hemorrhoids Naturally: First, you need to determine what causes hemorrhoids.

Then you can decide how to handle it.

For example, if they are due to constipation, a good idea is to add more fiber to you diet.

If hemorrhoids appear because you are sitting all day, try to change position during the day.

In addition, try some natural, homemade recipes for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

These include the following: Aloe Vera: This plant is used for any type of skin irritation and skin problems, including wounds and eczema.

It is a natural alternative that cools and reduces inflammation to the point where it is to apply.

It also helps to relieve itching and burning.

How it is used: All you have to do is cut along the Aloe Vera leaf and get the gel.

Once you get the gel apply from the inside of the skin to the affected area.

Make sure the area you are apply clean and dry.

Another option is to cut the aloes and place absorb the leaf over your anus to the gel.

You can also buy ice cream with aloe.

English salt: The bath is especially recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

English salt relieves symptoms and to prevent bleeding and pain.

Way of Use: English salt can be used in the bath or any other comfortable basin.

Keep in mind you need to stay in the water for a few minutes.

Water should not be hot but hot or very hot.

English salt is a good solution to the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids.

Just put a tablespoon of English salt in your bath to avoid eczema.

If you haven't English salt, you can also use baking soda.

Pharmaceutical Herbs: The best plants you can use to deal with hemorrhoids are chamomile, buccal and oak.

Way of Use: You can use it for bath.

You just need a small amount.

You can also apply them to the affected area with a cotton towel.

for this method, make an infusion through a tablespoon of the selected plants in warm water.

Then the infusion should cool down and soak the cotton towel with it.

Create a compress: Take a cotton towel and soak it with lukewarm water.

Sit on it for fifteen minutes.

this should be done three to five times a day, every day if you have a hemorrhoid discomfort.

Sesqua: It is another natural and effective option that helps to quickly reduce the symptoms.

Way of Use: Was a bunch of chickpeas.

Put it in the freezer until they freeze.

Place an ice sheet on your hemorrhoids up to three times a day.

The effect of this home-made treatment rests on the cold and water it contains manioc.

Beets and Roots: Make the bites and roots and rub them.

Add a little water to make a pulp.

Apply the pulp on the veins that are lit with a gauze.

This treatment will help reduce inflammation and itching.

potatoes: It's an easy, economical, effective way to treat hemorrhoids.

Potatoes reduce inflammation and burns due to their water content and healing properties.

Way of Use: You can rub them and apply them with a paper towel.

It can be done several times a day.

Another way of using them is to cut a piece of potato and apply it directly to the affected area.

essences: For relief of symptoms use lavender oil.

For tissue treatment use cypress.

For antiseptic treatment use tea tree oil.

We recommend that you try the essential oils elsewhere in your body using them in your anus.

So you will find out if any allergic reactions or eczema occur.

What to do if you have hemorrhoids: Apart from the mentioned home remedies, there are a few other things we can do when with pain, irritation or bleeding.

We can also avoid complications by changing a few of our daily habits: Avoid laxatives because they cause diarrhea and increase the sensation of fire.

Use toilet paper without flavor.

the scents irritate the affected area.

Clean the area thoroughly with the toilet.

Consume more fiber foods to prevent constipation.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat vitamin C.

It helps to increase elasticity of your veins.

Drink natural fruit juice.

Don't go when you go to the toilet.

Wear cotton underwear.

Do not continue to sit for many hours.

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