5 Foods To Help Get Rid Of Bad Breath [Stop Halitosis Now!]

Diet can play a major role in the way your  breath smells to other people.
[Halitosis] Here are 5 foods to help get rid of bad breath.
1.Green Tea Catechin is a powerful antioxidant found in green tea that can limit bacterial growth.
Bacteria is a major source of the odor that comes from the mouth when it is trapped in the gums, tongue, and other areas of the mouth and throat.
Reducing the presence of these colonies can greatly reduce the manifestation of bad breath.
2. Parsley The oils that are present in parsley make it an extremely effective and well known aid in the fight against bad breath.
Chlorophyll is also a natural deodorizer.
If you’re planning to try parsley and you want it to be extra effective, you can try dipping into some vinegar before chewing it.
3.  Almonds These high fiber nuts can have an amazing effect on bad breath by acting as “tiny toothbrushes” that mechanically scrape away remnants and particles from the teeth, mouth, and digestive tract.
Bacteria can sometimes collect around these sites during rot, and increase the bad smells coming from your mouth.
When they have fewer places to hide, it’s harder for the bacteria to grow.
4. Apples Fruits and vegetables help with the production of saliva as well as help the mouth to re-establish a balance.
Pears also have a similar effect during consumption.
They are also high in fiber which aids in sweeping the digestive tract of rotting material.
5. Oranges These thick-skinned citrus fruits are extremely high in vitamin C.
Vitamin C is widely known for its ability to fight gum disease, kill bacteria, and stimulate saliva production.
In addition to these foods, make sure you’re drinking enough water.
Water flushes away the bits of foods that bacteria feed on, as well as promotes the production of saliva.
This acts as a constant cleansing agent in your mouth.
Simply put, by having a healthy diet can make a big difference in how your breath smells.
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