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Acute Urticaria Acute urticaria is a type of urticaria, with or without angioedema, that is present on the body for less than 6 weeks.
It often disappears from the skin within minutes to few hours.
1 in 5 children or adults have an acute urticaria during their lifetime and affects all races and both sexes.
[Hives] Symptoms of Acute Urticaria Wheals can be a few millimeters or several centimeters in diameter, with or without a red flare.
Each wheal may last a few minutes or several hours, and may change shape.
Weals may be round, or form rings, a map-like pattern or giant patches.
Acute urticaria can affect any site of the body and tends to be distributed widely.
Causes of Acute Urticaria Acute urticaria can be induced by: food allergy – usually milk, egg, peanut, shellfish etc.
Drug allergy, Vaccination or bee or wasp stings.
Widespread reaction following localized contact urticaria – e.g.
rubber latex.
Severe allergic urticaria may lead to anaphylactic shock.
Diagnoses of Acute Urticaria Acute urticaria is diagnosed in people with a short history of weals that last less than 24 hours, with or without angioedema.
A thorough physical examination should be undertaken to look for underlying causes.
Treatment for Acute Urticaria The cause of urticaria should be eliminated if known.
Cool the affected area with a fan, cold flannel, ice pack or soothing moisturizing lotion.
Calamine lotion can be applied over the affected area to soothe away the itching and burning.
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