Hives (urticaria) Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies

Hives (urticaria) Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies just about anything can make you breakout in hives foods such as peanuts or strawberries drugs such as penicillin oraspirin vitamin supplements heat cold sunlight exercise feverstress and even scratching or rubbing the skin are among some of theirpossibilities some substances actually cause an allergic reaction that resultin hives while others have absolutely nothing atall to do with allergies strawberries for example contain a chemical that cancause cells in your body to release histamine a chemical also produced inallergies which allows blood plasma to leak into the skin and form the hives don't confuse hives with other skineruptions times occur when blood plans in the weeks into the skin causingwheels or swollen area they can be as small as the pencil eraser or as largeas a dinner plate and they usually last only a few hours but new wheels may formcontinuously foods certain foods are more likely tocause a heaping helping of hives strawberries are a problem for manypeople because they promote the production of histamine in the bodyother well-known hive producers are nuts chocolate fish tomatoes eggs freshberries and milk food additives food colorings flavorings preservatives andemulsifiers or stabilizers in some foods can cause a hive outbreak if you thinkfood additives might be the reason your skin's so red look for ingredients suchas salicylates sulfites and poly segregate on the label of any processedfoods you eat medications and the Saline and aspirin are the two most common drugoffenders and the Saline and other antibiotics are the number one cause ofdrug-related hives sticking your arm in ice-cold water maycause cold induced times these hives happen when you're exposed to coldobjects or water or even when you step outside on cold blustery day insect bites or stings components ofinsect venom or allergenic some people have a systemic body-wide reaction tothese components that produces hives infections bacterial viral and yeastinfections can cause an outbreak of hives fever is also related to hiveproduction everyday objects sometimes hive simplyhappen from pressure on the skin from contact with everyday objects such asfurniture towels watchbands or bed sheets or from wearing clothing that'stoo tight stress many people find that stress triggers an episode of hives diseases hives can be a symptom ofthyroid disease hepatitis lupus and even some cancers that's why you shouldn'tignore a lingering case of the hives home remedy treatments for hives allremedy treatments for hives take a 90 histamine the most recommended remedy isbenadryl available generically as different Hydrabad but it may causedrowsiness however since highest tends to be worseat night a medication that makes you sleepy may help you ignore the itchy trying to ferret out the cause asdoctors are able to identify a specific cause in 20 to 30 percent of patients doremember that hives generally show up within half an hour of eating so if youbreak out today you can't necessarily blame the strawberries you had fordessert last night avoid the trigger this one's pretty obvious but if youknow that cold sets off hives don't put your hands in the freezerin fact jumping into cold water could be life-threatening for some hivessufferers treat the infection if hivesturn into a chronic problem they may be due to an infection for instance anundetected dental or yeast infection could trigger an outbreak consider thesepossibilities and have them checked out use a moisturizer if dry skincontributes to the itch apply a moisturizer to relieve it don't make the problem worsenon-prescription anti-itch lotions or creams can cause allergic reactions ifyou react to topical benadryl and topical products sending and cane you'llbe in worse shape after using that calamine lotion that old standby for somany inches doesn't do much for hives either Hives (urticaria) Treatment, Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies.

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