How Do Birth Control Pills Affect Acne? | Acne Treatment

So one of the very common treatments for femaleacne are birth control pills.

And the reason that birth control pills help is they helpregulate the hormones.

Sometimes what happens in women is the balance between estrogen,progesterone, testosterone, and some of the other reproductive hormones gets out of whack.

And what birth control pills basically do is they help bring the hormones back intobalance.

In addition, birth control pills will decrease the amount of testosterone that'sstimulating the oil gland — what we call the sebaceous gland — in your skin.

Birth control pills usually cause about a30% to 60% reduction in acne.

But of course it depends on the person.

And of course somebirth control pills cause side effects that a lot of women do not want, like weight gain,mood swings, and lowered sex drive.

But thankfully now there are many new birth control pillsthat work very well and avoid some of those major side effects.

So the choice of birth control pill is actuallyvery important, because there are some birth control pills, because of their progesteronecomponent, that can actually cause acne.

In addition, birth control like Mirena IUD canalso cause acne, and in some people the Nuvaring causes acne as well.

Remember, these thingsare very individual, so what applies to your friend may not apply to you.

Source: Youtube