Magical Seeds to Say Goodbye to Diabetes

Cardamom for controlling sugar level cardamom is full of magnesium potassium calcium and etc best ingredient for anemic patient and infertility issues and also best to control sugar at any level here is a home remedy to control diabetes with cardamom ingredients cardamom seven seeds fennel few seeds cardamom it has amazing health benefits it removes toxins from the body it acts as a great blood purifier it improves blood circulation it helps in digestion.
[Diabetes] if you can’t digest your food properly you cannot observe the nutrients present in it cardamom is the best spice for the people who suffer from bad breath if you consume cardamom regularly you can reduce mouth ulcers the antiseptic properties present in the cardamom are really good for diabetes cardamom is high in anti-diabetic properties by taking this regularly you can reduce diabetes fennel fennel is loaded with vitamin C other prominent vitamins and minerals in funnel include potassium and folate several other nutrients play supportive roles namely manganese calcium iron magnesium phosphorus and copper these vitamins are nutrients or enough dosage has potential to be beneficial to the diet fennel contains no fat or cholesterol it is very low in Karl and carbs and has aglycemic load of just two so is fennel good for diabetes yes it is so if you want to add a DAB it is friendly vegetable to your diet give fennel a try take six to seven cardamom seeds and few fennel seeds and make your fine powder now take a glass of water and boil add one teaspoon of this powder and mix well drink this water daily on regular basis by doing this you and reduce yolk high blood sugar levels thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos.
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